Udayana Cardiology Residents Celebrated the 63rd Anniversary of Prof. Ngoerah General Hospital

The construction of Sanglah Hospital began in 1956 and was inaugurated on December 30. Sanglah Hospital collaborated with the UNUD Medical Faculty in 1962 to form an Teaching Hospital. Sanglah Hospital was made a referral hospital for Bali, NTB, NTT, East Timor in 1978. Sanglah Hospital in 2005 changed to PPK BLU (Kepmenkes RI NO. 2005 dated December 12, 2005). In 2013 Sanglah General Hospital was accredited by International JCI edition 4 and in 2014 it was accredited by National KARS.

The change in the name of Sanglah Hospital began when the Governor of Bali Wayan Koster sent a letter with No. 440/1964/Yankes Diskes dated 11 February 2020 to the Indonesian Ministry of Health. The letter contains a proposal to change the name of Sanglah Hospital to Prof. Dr. IGN Gde Ngoerah Hospital. The Governor of Bali's letter was based on the Bali Provincial DPRD letter No. 593/605/DPRD dated January 20 2020 which proposed to change the name of Sanglah Hospital to Prof. Dr. IGN Gde Ngoerah Hospital. To always provide the best service, Prof. Hospital has a Motto of Sincerely Serving, with 5 basic beliefs, namely integrity, professionalism, tat twam asi, effectiveness, and togetherness.

Prof. Ngoerah Hospital has its 63rd birthday, which is commemorated on December 30, 2022. Several series of events enlivened Prof. Ngoerah's 63rd anniversary. This event lasted for about a month.

The celebration of Prof. Ngoerah's birthday is an activity to optimize service to the community, because hospitals are not only a place for treatment but also have a social function. Where all people must be accepted and treated as well as possible. In other words, we at Prof. Ngoerah General Hospital are focused on prioritizing the principle of caring for others and this should not be lost from the cultural values of the hospital. In the future, we certainly hope that Prof. Ngoerah General Hospital will have a better quality of service with a variety of adequate supporting facilities and infrastructure.

The series of the 63rd anniversary of Prof. Ngoerah Hospital took place during December with various activities such as the arts and sports. In the field of sports competitions such as ping pong, chess, futsal, and badminton are held. Meanwhile, in the field of art, there was a traditional clothing competition, a special rejang dance made for Prof. Ngoerah Hospital, and a Mars choir for Prof. Ngoerah Hospital. Where the competition is intended for interns and employees in Prof Ngoerah Hospital.

The Study Program of Heart and Blood Vessel Diseases, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana was involved in several activities for Prof. Ngoerah's birthday such as acoustic band activities, futsal, badminton, ping pong, traditional dress contest and choir. On December 15 2022, an acoustic competition was held with the theme "Back to 2000s". The photography competition will be held on December 16, 2022. The judges will surround the photo area and ask how the photo was taken, the meaning of the photo, and the application used. The badminton competition will be held on December 18, 2022. The choir competition will be held on December 22, 2023 where Udayana Cardiology will sing the Mars of Prof. Ngoerah Hospital.

Thus the series of celebrations for the 63rd Anniversary of Sanglah Hospital. We, the Heart and Vascular Study Program, wish a happy birthday for the 63rd Prof Ngoerah Hospital, hopefully it can always be the leading Hospital and serve the community even more.